About Us

Our Story

As all women on maternity leave tends to do, I too was “nesting” while at home with my sweet new baby boy. I wanted to reinvent my home as motherhood reinvented me, but there were a few vital elements to take into consideration with this new project in mind.

I needed new, modern furniture with clean lines and elegant finishes. I wanted to feel like the architect of my home’s interior with unique pieces that captured the imagination and yet greeted you with practicality. Bespoke, yet classic, elegant, yet simplistic, modern, yet timeless.

That didn’t seem like such a tall ask in itself. However, the furniture also now needed to cater to life with my own little “Jakkals” (little baby Jacques) with easy to clean surfaces that are both affordable and functional.

One day, while crawling around on the floor with my little man, it came to me – if I was to have furniture that ticked all the boxes, that is suitable for both the stay at home mom, the kids and the boardroom, I would have to design it myself! And just there, in the valley (vallei) on the floor, Jakkalsvallei was born.

Our pieces therefore are handcrafted and functional with quality and affordability in mind. Whether you are crawling around on the floor or sitting at your custom-made desk at work – Jakkalsvallei Furniture is authentic furniture with lasting character at its best.

Bianca Cronjé
Owner of Jakkalsvallei Furniture